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The basic idea of the so called Minto wheel is to build a simple motor, that is driven by a temperature differential between a hot water reservoir and the surrounding cooling air. The spokes of a wheel-like structure are made from tubes with a liquid inside, that exist both in a gaseous and a liquid phase in the desired temperature range. They are connected to bulb like reservoirs at both ends, in a way that the ends of the tubes protrude into each reservoir a little bit...


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The Flap Turbine (FT) is a novel type of vertical axis turbine (VAT) where the blades are made of movable flaps. These movable flaps, when combined together, act as a sail or blade for the VAT. This type of turbine is also known as a check valve turbine because of the check valve like behavior of the moving flaps.


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SUNVENTION presents the key components of its revolutionary solar technology invented by Jürgen Kleinwächter and his team. The images show the SolarVillage testfield in Tamera, Portugal.

These technologies are excellently suited for all sun-rich parts of the earth and they make it possible for regional development to be independent of globalisation.


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