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The Candle Stirling Engine Kit


The assembled Candle Stilring Engine


CAD and Prototype


CAD model of a Stirling engine
Stirling engine prototype

Starting the Production

Hotair engine's housing
mass production of the engine
the engine's housing

What you get - Out of the Box

the Stirling engine kit in a can
some parts of the Stirling engine

How to assemble

About 150 Parts to assemble the Engine

drawing of the candle hot air engine

Detail - The Candle Rack

assembly drawing of the engine's stand
the assembled stand

Detail - The Top Cover

Stirling engine's top plate with power piston
the assembled top plate with power piston

Detail - Crankshaft Support Assembly

assembly drawing of the supporting structure
the assembled supporting structure

Detail - Propeller and Crank Disc Assembly

the engine's flywheel, a porpeller
the assembled propeller
Drawing of the assembled Stirling Engine


The Assembled Candle Stirling Engine

Picture of the assembled Stirling engine

The assembled engine'S stand with burning candle

The Running Engine

The running candle Stirling engine

The power piston

Rotating flywheel

Power and displacer Piston




Construction Guide:


Customer feedback

Simon und Jeremias D. - München/Deutschland - 21.06.2009

... herzlichen Dank für die Zusendung des Stirlingmotors. Wir finden den Motor einfach toll ...
Ohne die Abbildungen ist die Anleitung nicht so gut zu verstehen, doch wenn man es erst liest und dann die Abbildung anschaut, hat man keine Probleme mehr den Motor zu bauen. ...
Fazit: Erst die schriftliche Anleitung lesen und dann die jeweils zugehörigen Abbildungen. Wenn man nicht weiß welches Teil auf den Abbildungen gemeint ist hilft auch die Teileliste sehr weiter. So ist der Motor sehr zu empfehlen.


Rolf Behringer - Freiburg/Deutschland - 21.06.2009:

wir haben heute abend den Bausatz fertig gestellt. O.k. die Schrauben sind für meine Finger recht klein (M2) .... ;-) Aber mit Spitzzange hat es dann geklappt. ... Entscheidend ist der Parallellauf der Kolbenstangen und Einhaltung der Maße bei den Kolben. Und zuletzt die 90° Phasenverschiebung.
Der Motor lief beim ersten Versuch ...
Ich finde es aber echt ein gelungener Bausatz.


Joao Santos - Aljubarrota/Portugal - 21.06.2009:

... - the general construction and product presentation are good in my opinion ... the text is well organized and clear to assembly the engine ...

Steff Wössner - Freiburg/Deutschland - 14.07.2009:

Ausgetüftelt, sophisticated und dazu noch preisgünstig!


Gianni Lovisolo - Torino/Italy - 14.08.2009:

I finished building the motor 2 hours ago and it works beautifully. ... 1) Quality of materials, packing and instructions is extremely good to outstanding. 2) English instructions are clear and easy to understand and I ound no difficulty in reading & building the unit, which started at the first time (easier than the previous kit). ...

Karl Scheida - Wien/Österreich - 27.08.2009:

Gestern habe ich den kleinen Stirling zusammengebaut und in Betrieb genommen. Alles hat von Anfang an bestens funktioniert, obwohl ich die Anleitung nur zum Teil gelesen habe. Ich baue seit etwa 35 Jahren alle Arten von Modellen, auch Helikopter, aber "fummeliges Scheißerchen" hat ab sofort eine neue Bedeutung ;-)


Paul Pavlinovich - Heatherton/Australia - 27.10.2009:

It took me about 2 hours to build this wonderful little engine from opening the box through to running. It is still purring away in the background as I write this article. I really enjoyed the build and it is a fantastic cheap entry into Stirling Engine model engineering. For a blow by blow photo log of the build check out the build article. The operating tolerances of the engine are forgiving and allowed me to quickly get it up and running then fiddle until it ran at approximately 500 rpm. The kit is suitable to anyone who knows the right end of a screwdriver and has an ounce of patience. Some care is required as the kit is made of light weight stamp cut cardboard with some metal components. Once it is completed it appears robust and should have a long life time with some care in handling and storage between operations.
The kit would be an excellent project for an established model engineer looking to bring a young relative or other youth into the hobby. It would also be a valuable part of a school physics curriculum. While the kit is designed for people over the age of 12, I feel that someone younger could build it with the appropriate degree of supervision, guidance and mentoring. During the build my two teenage boys dragged themselves away from video games and popped in from time to time to review my progress. Most of my projects take such a long time that they quickly lose interest. They saw this one take shape as the minutes progressed and were quite interested.
All of the components in the kit are well made and go together quite easily and work well once complete. I have a few minor gripes about the construction instructions but it is obvious that the instructions have been well thought out and are written in a simple non-technical manner that anyone could understand. They flow reasonably well and while I thought a couple of elements were out of order, that may well just be the way I do things and may be fine for other people. With a few alterations the good instructions could become truly excellent instructions. Have a look at the build log article for more commentary in this area.
The instructions include a substantial trouble shooting section that should help someone resolve any issues that prevent the engine from working properly. Happily I did not need them.
Purchasing was straight forward, I found the kit on the website, made contact with Thomas worked out the arrangements and paid via a popular internet payment method. About a week later the package turned up. The kit was very well packed and the combination of worldwide postal services had not managed to hurt it at all.
I have no hesitation recommending this kit as a great entry into the Stirling Engine concept and excellent value for money. If you ’re thinking about it, read the build article to see how easy it really was.
If you like to visit Paul’s Steam & Stirling Engine website:

Michael Henrich - Köln/Deutschland - 01.12.2009:

vor einigen Wochen habe ich bei ihnen den Ecorun 2.0 bestellt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Modell und kann es uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Endlich mal ein Modell das einfach zusammenzubauen und auch für junge Menschen erschwinglich ist. ... Vor einigen Tagen war ich als Aussteller auf einer Mineralienbörse. Für solche Veranstaltungen nutze ich den Stirlingmotor gerne als Blickfang. Ständig wurde ich auf den Stirlingmotor angesprochen und die Besucher waren sehr begeistert von dem Modell. Dieses Lob möchte ich nun gerne an sie weitergeben ...

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