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The Philosophy

The global environmental problems caused by today's steadily increasing energy demands and dwindling energy resources force a search for alternatives. The only way to solve these problems seems to be the use of human ideas and creativity. Our philosophy is to provide universities, technical schools and interested individuals with kits and demonstration models which use different types of energy conversion, in order to stimulate peoples' innovative potential as an important contribution to solving energy problems of the future. Our product range extends from simple toy-like devices to complex experimentation systems. In our modern virtual world dominated by television and computers there seems to be more and more a need for playing and experimenting with real hardware devices to get a deep insight into the underlying principles and for the development of one's own creativity: exergia - stimulation and inspiration through Ideas in Light & Energy.

The Name

Some of our customers address us as exergier, exagier, exircia, exercia. The correct artificial term exergia adapts the thermodynamic concept of exergy - that proportion of energy that can be converted to another form of energy. For example: It is not possible to completely convert into mechanical energy the heat generated by burning gasoline in your car's engine. The maximum proportion of the gasoline's energy that can drive the car is the exergy. The focus on the term exergy is based on the insight that the so-called "energy problem" - providing energy for mankind's needs - is mainly an "exergy problem".

The Future

There is a long list of product ideas like a memory metal engine, a Curie engine, a Minto wheel. We will continue the development and add them progressively to our product range. If you are interested in the progress made by exergia simply subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news.


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