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Like the stored chemical energy in the two components, gasoline and oxygen, that power a car, it is possible to use other chemical pairs. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen has several main advantages: The two components are easily produced by the electrolysis of water using electrical energy. The chemical reaction to get back the stored energy produces only pure water. It is possible to construct a fuel cell which enables the "cold burning" of the two components to directly produce electricity. The related Hydrogen(-Oxygen) Technology has the potential to replace fossil-fuel energy with a renewable storage technology that uses renewable solar energy sources like wind-power and photovoltaic systems to produce stored chemical energy for on-demand electricity generation.



Electrolyzer for Hydrogen and Oxygen Production, with Water Tanks and Gas Storage



PEM Fuel Cell for Hydrogen / Air Operation



PEM Fuel Cell for Hydrogen/Oxygen Operation



Complete Storage System: Solar Module, Electrolyzer with Tanks, Fuel Cell, Electric Load



Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experimental Kit


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