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leXsolar-H2 Ready-to-go offers the entire scope of the latest experiments in fuel cell technology for the classroom. With a solar panel, electrolyzer, and fuel cells, a solar-hydrogen-circuit can be set up and analyzed. On the other hand, the students also have the possibility of researching each single component. Working principles, efficiency, and the characteristic curves of electrolyzers and fuel cells are just some of the possible topics. With the included consumer modules younger students (from 12 years up) are also able to run simple basic experiments. Besides the PEM-fuel cell (PEM = polymer electrolyte membrane) a methanol-fuel cell is included, which can use methanol instead of hydrogen as fuel. That is why this fuel cell also has a high practical relevance. Furthermore, additional experiments such as working with different membranes or a comparison of the operating mode of fuel cells with air and hydrogen as well as hydrogen and oxygen, can be displayed. True to the tradition of the Ready-to-go line all ancillary equipment are already included in the robust aluminum suitcase.

List of experiments:

What is a solar cell doing?
Illuminated and dark I-V curves of solar panels
Set up of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell
What is an electrolyzer doing?
I-V curve of an electrolyzer
What is a fuel cell doing?
I-V curve of a fuel cell
Electrolyzer and Faraday's law
Faraday- and energy efficiency of an electrolyzer
First Faraday?s law and the fuel cell
Faraday- and energy efficiency of a fuel cell
I-V curve of a Methanol fuel cell Dependency of power on the Methanol concentration
Parallel- and series connection of Methanol fuel cells
I-V Curve of fuel cells (with demountable fuel cells)
Faraday- and energy efficiency of fuel cells (with demountable fuel cells)
Influence of the gas supply on the I-V curve of a fuel cell
Influence of the total resistance on the I-V curve of a fuel cell

List of components:

Base unit Large (including circuit diagrams)
Potentiometer module
Buzzer module
Light bulb module
Motor module without gear
Color discs with mount - Set 1
Solar module 2.5 V, 420 mA
Elektrolyzer module
Universal-fuel cell towing bracket
Universal - power supply
Lamp with table clamps
Digital multimeter
Test lead black 25 cm
Test lead red 25 cm
Test lead black 50 cm
Test lead red 50 cm
Demountable PEM fue cell
Methanol fuel cell
Aluminium case
Insert H2 Ready-to-go

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