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Solarfuel Electrolyzer for Hydrogen and Oxygen Production, with Water Tanks and Gas Storage.. Product #: 2012 Regular price: €209.00 €209.00 9999



Product Code: 2012
Availability: 9999


The key component for a Hydrogen storage system. Pure distilled water is split by electrolysis with an electric current into hydrogen and oxygen. The electrolyzer is made of a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane between two catalytic electrodes acting as anode and cathode. It does not require any caustic electrolytes. The Solarfuel includes two gas storage cylinders and water containers and is assembled on a base plate. The generated hydrogen and oxygen can be used to drive a fuel cell and generate electricity.
Technical Data:

  • Dimension 20cm x 12cm x 9cm
  • Voltage 0 - 2,0 V
  • Current 0 - 2,0 A
  • Gas Production H2 / O2 8,6 / 4,3 cm^3/min
  • Storage Volume 20 cm^3


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