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SolarStorageSystem Complete Storage System: Solar Module, Electrolyzer with Tanks, Fuel Cell, Electric Load.. Product #: 2031 Regular price: €650.00 €650.00 9991



Product Code: 2031
Availability: 9991


A wonderful starter kit for fuel cell technology experiments. The perfect introduction to fuel cell technology. This complete solar hydrogen system consists of a solar module, a PEM electrolyzer, hydrogen and oxygen storage containers, a PEM fuel cell and a fan as an electrical load, all conveniently assembled on a base plate. An instruction manual and suggestions for classroom instruction and experiments are included.
Technical Data:

  • Dimension 20cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • Permissible Voltage 0 - 2,0 V DC
  • Permissible Current 0 - 2,0 A DC
  • Power 1 W

Fuel Cell

  • Voltage generated 0,4 - 0,9 V DC
  • Power 500 mW

Solar Cell

  • No-load Voltage 2,0 V DC
  • Current 350 mA DC
  • Power (MPP) 500 mW


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