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FuelCellH2Air PEM Fuel Cell for Hydrogen / Air Operation.. Product #: 2021 Regular price: €149.00 €149.00 9999



Product Code: 2021
Availability: 9999


A fuel cell converts the stored chemical energy within hydrogen / oxygen directly into electric energy. It is like a cold burning of hydrogen and oxygen back to water. The key component of the PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) fuel cell is the MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly). This is of a Polymer membrane coated on opposite sides with two catalysts that form the anode and cathode of the cell. The basic idea is that the Polymer membrane only conducts positively charged Hydrogen protons (PEM - Proton Exchange Membrane) from the anode catalyst to the cathode catalyst where they combine with Oxygen to form water. So you have a generator with a charge separation on the anode and a charge neutralization on the cathode. For the process to work, and in a control manner, there must be an external flow of (hydrogen) electrons via an electrical circuit from anode to cathode. In other words the chemical engine directly generates electricity without any moving parts.
Technical Data:

  • Supply Hydrogen / Air
  • Dimension 5,8cm x 12cm x 9cm
  • Voltage generated 0,3 - 0,9 V
  • Power 150 mW


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