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The Steam Engine The Steam Engine.. Product #: astro-259 Regular price: €32.90 €32.90 9995

The Steam Engine

The Steam Engine

Product Code: astro-259
Availability: 9995


A steam engine as a cardboard model, which is driven by a real boiling vapor - can that work? Yes, but how?

See for yourself: This model is not only for gorgeous looks; it works perfectly!

The boiler (made of corrosion resistant aluminum) has a magnetic relief valve. Flames from 5 tealight candles are shielded by a galvanized wire mesh,

and the steam is passed through a closed tube and foil system, then released over a fireplace.

The power delivery and the safety for boiler pressure remain modest.

Punched card model from sturdy gold-printed cardboard
Aluminum sheet
Aluminum can with screw cap
Wire frame
Spring steel wire:
Perforated discs of 1 mm rigid PVC
Silicone hose
Foil glove
Ring magnet
Diameter disc
Foam seal
Disposable syringes


Length 30 cm, width 21 cm, height 21 cm.

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