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ThermoGenerator2.0Kit Electricity from hot Water via Seebeck Effect - Kit.. Product #: 1411 Regular price: €36.00 €36.00 9982



Product Code: 1411
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The kit demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy via the Seebeck effect. Like in photovoltaic cells the generation of electricity results from processes on an atomic scale without macroscopic movement of mechanical parts. The atomic vibrations that correspond to heat result in a gradient of the electron's distribution i.e. an electrical voltage. For further information see: Thermoelectric

The key component is the Peltier element that is connected to two aluminium L-profiles. One aluminium profile conducts heat from a reservoir with hot water to one side of the Peltier element. The other profile conducts heat from the back side of the Peltier element to a cold water reservoir. As long as there is a temperature differential of about 10 deg. between the back and front side of the Peltier element sufficient electricity is generated to power the connected motor with the propeller.

Assembling the kit is very easy and takes only a few minutes. The kit includes:

  • Peltier module
  • 2 water bathes of acrylic plastic
  • motor with propeller
  • fasteners and screws
  • assembly instruction

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