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This fully equipped experiment system can be used wherever you are without further components. This kit already includes all necessary ancillary equipment, like measuring equipment, and is delivered in an aluminum case with heavy-duty foam inserts. The scope of experiments ranges from simple trials that show the basic characteristics of the solar energy, to more challenging experiments dealing with topics like IV characteristics or temperature dependency of solar cells. Because of the large range of potential experiments, the product is also suitable for internal workshops in companies as well as a demonstration kit for sales representatives.

List of experiments

1. Solar energy + electric lessons

Series and parallel connection of solar cells
Power dependence on area of the solar cell
Power dependence on the angle of incidence
Power dependence on level of illumination
Power dependence ratio of energy conversion
Internal resistance of solar cells
Dark characteristic curve of solar cells
Inhibiting and conducting direction in illumination and darkness
IV characteristic and fill factor of the solar cell
IV characteristic of the solar cell in dependence on the level of illumination
Power dependence on temperature
Shading effect of solar cells in series connection
Shading effect of solar cells in parallel connection
The solar cell as transmission measure
Power dependence on the frequency of the incident light


Differences in brightness
Tilt of the solar cells
Diffused radiation
Direct radiation
Albedo radiation
Colour characteristics
Colour mixtures
Optical illusions (Benham disk)

List of components:

Solarmodul 0,5 V, 420 mA, QC
Solar panel 0.5 V, 840 mA
Base unit big
Lighting module
Resistor module
Potentiometer module
Gear motor module
Buzzer module
Light bulb module
Motor module without gear
Farbscheiben inkl. Halter - Set I
Solar cell cover set (4 pieces)
Colour filter
Universal - power supply
Hook weight 20g
Digital multimeter
Test lead black 25 cm
Test lead red 25 cm
Laboratory thermometer
Aluminiumkoffer leXsolar-PV Ready-to-go

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