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FocusMirror110Kit Parabolic Solar Concentrator - D=110cm.. Product #: 4012 Regular price: $390.00 $390.00 In Stock
Parabolic Solar Concentrator - D=110cm
Product Code: 4012
Availability: In Stock



On a sunny day adjust FocusMirror110Kit to face the sun, put a black cooking pot in the focus and start cooking normally ... The kit includes all parts to build the complete cooker:
Galvanized steel frame, aluminum reflector panels and supporting structure. It's also a great starting point for experiments on the concentration of solar energy (steam generation, concentrator photovoltaic cells or drying the zeolite in our SolCool System).

Technical data:
  • Diameter 110cm
  • Power in the focal plane with direct sun ~750 W
  • Net power with simple absorber about ~450 Watt

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