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LexsolarWindReadyToGo Wind Power Experimental Kit.. Product #: 5110 Regular price: $1,010.00 $1,010.00 In Stock
Wind Power Experimental Kit
Product Code: 5110
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With the leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go, you will be able to answer many questions you may have concerning the basic concepts of using wind energy. The leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go is also suitable for in-house workshops for example, for use by sales representatives.

List of experiments:

Power plant dependence on wind speed
Qualitative research experiment with light bulb
By measuring the voltage at the generator
By determining the power output of the generator using a fixed resistor

Variations in the generated voltage while connecting a load
With resistance
With the load's buzzer, engine and light bulb

Analysis of wind speed in front of and behind the rotor
While the engine is idle
With a load generator

Determing the effeciency of a wind power plant
Energy storage
Energy conversion and the use of wind energy:

Analysis of energy conversion: kinetic energy to rotational energy to electrical energy to radiation energy by the LED
Analysis of different energy conversions with buzzer, engine and light bulb

Analysis of different rotor types:
Comparison with the 3-bladed and Savonius rotor
Comparison of the 2-, 3-, and 4-bladed rotor
Qualitative comparison using a light bulb

Wind generator dependence on wind direction
While the engine is idle (measurement of voltage)
Under load
Qualitative research using a light bulb

List of components:

Base unit big
Resistor module
Potentiometer module
Buzzer module
Light bulb module
Motor module without gear
Farbscheiben inkl. Halter - Set I
Winder machine LX
Wind generator module
Capacitor module 220 mF, 2.5V
LED-module 2mA, red
Wind rotor set
stator for anemometer
Universal - power supply
Digital multimeter
Test lead black 25 cm
Test lead red 25 cm
Test lead black 50 cm
Test lead red 50 cm
Aluminum case
Inset Wind-Ready to go

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