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WindPowerKit Wind powered Dynamo - Kit.. Product #: 5011 Regular price: $86.00 $86.00 In Stock
Wind powered Dynamo - Kit
Product Code: 5011
Availability: In Stock



The StormyKit combines an electric generator with the classic design of rotor-vane anemometer with hemispherical cups. The rotor has four arms each with a half-ball vane at the end. The supporting structure for the drive shaft and the gear-generator assembly is made of three Plexiglas plates. The gearwheel ratio drives the electric generator - a 24 V direct current motor - 7 times faster than the rotor. Depending on the wind's speed, the generator will produce a current of 20-100 mA at 3-5 Volts. The StormyKit allows you to carry out your own experiments using and measuring the power output under different conditions and driving suitable small low voltage devices. The assembly of the kit requires common hand-tools and a set of twist drills (3, 4, 6, 11, 13 mm). The kit includes detailed assembly instructions.
Dimensions: assembled height 230 mm / rotor diameter 600 mm

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